Tile cleaning Fallston MD


Tile cleaning Fallston MD

There’s nothing really hard about cleaning floors. You put down a cleaner, scrub it in and rinse it off. Maybe you let it air dry too. Well, it’s not all that simple if you have tile floors. You have to take special care of those. Let’s see how to do that.

If you have tile floors you have to take care of them properly to make them look nice and clean. Otherwise, they will become nasty and people won’t think your floor is clean. Here are the steps we take in tile cleaning Fallston MD.

First, we assess the situation, which is something you have to do anyway when things get crazy and it not only applies to tile floors. You figure out what is clean, what is not and how to deal with it. You also asses the mess and how to clean it. We develop a plan for the situation and a time frame that works.

Next, we isolate the areas that are especially dirty, faded or just plain discolored.

Then, we use high-quality cleaner and, in some instances, pressure washing to get all the dirt and grime up out of the tile and grout.

Finally, after we get all the discoloration, dirt, grease and whatever else was on your tile cleaning Fallston MD, we can either seal your tile and grout to make sure nothing else gets on your tiles and be easy to clean. You can also ask us to re-grout your tile so it looks new and has a fresh look to your house. It is pretty much, as always, in the opinion and option of the homeowner.

All of our employees are licensed, bonded and insured. We use only the highest professional grade quality products and cleaners. We also are able to get the job done as fast as we can while still maintaining superior quality.

Give us a quick call today and see what we can do for you! We are always standing by, helping you fulfill your flooring needs

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Our clients say

"The man was very professional, worked really hard to get out the most difficult spots, and finished the job quickly. I was amazed that he was able to get the dirt out of the most worn spots. The results look really good."
Carpet Cleaning by UniKlean
Marilyn Maze
"The carpets look great. I was afraid to sit on them prior to the cleaning. Tech took his time in explaining the process, and I made a decision based on the outcome that I wanted. They look much better."
Tile cleaning
Lisa Young
"Unikleen cleaned the carpets as we wanted. The service provider was prompt and courteous. Everything was done in a timely way, and he answered all questions we had. He was very professional and we would definitely use the service again."
carpet cleaners
Pamela J Weiner
"He arrived right on time and got to work immediately. We had not contracted him to do the sectional but asked him if he had time. He was so kind to go to work on it immediately and it was a bigger job than expected. Even so he did the job professionally and with a great attit…"
wood floor cleaning
Paul and Brenda Citro