Air Duct Cleaning Baltimore, MD


Air Duct Cleaning Baltimore, MD

 Many homeowners do not realize how much of a health hazard their heating and cooling air ducts can be. Just like anything within the home’s air ducts can accumulate an unhealthy amount of dust and allergens. 
Air ducts should be cleaned at least twice a year. If home occupants are allergy suffers there is a good possibility that the air ducts could be a big part of their problem.

Add this problem to the build-up of dust and debris, insect and or rodent problems and it will equal big health problems for the individuals in that home. Air ducts for many people pose the attitude of “Out of sight, out of mind.”

Consequently, many people do not have the air ducts cleaned because they just do not ‘see’ a problem. However, if they could just that a good look at the insides of air ducts within their home or business they would be surprised, to say the least, at what actually sets within these ducts, and what they are breathing into their lungs every day.

Air duct cleaning in Baltimore, MD is available for home and business owners. Baltimore duct cleaning services are dedicated to the continued health of its client’s year around. Baltimore air duct cleaning within the home or business will assure occupants breathe the best and cleanest possible air.

Owners of homes and businesses should not attempt to clean their air ducts, because they do not have the skill or the right combination of essential tools needed to do a good job. Cleaning of air ducts is not just cleaning with a household vacuum cleaning hose. To professionally clean air ducts it will take a cleaning service such as Air Duct Cleaning Baltimore, MD, to get the job done and assure clean air in the environment.

Air Duct Cleaning Baltimore, has skilled, trained and professionally licensed contractors who utilize specialized tools along with commercial vacuuming equipment to do air duct cleaning. It will take these necessary tools to dislodge months and sometimes years of accumulated dust and debris. Duct cleaning Baltimore uses a high-performance HEPA vacuuming equipment system to help protect the inside environment while cleaning air ducts.

Air Duct Cleaning Baltimore is skilled at cleaning various kinds of heating and cooling systems. Duct Cleaning Baltimore will clean out return air ducts, grilles, diffusers, registers, allergy removal, dryer duct cleaning, coils, fans, drain pans, HVAC cleaning and restoration services and unit housings. 

A new state of the art duct cleaning system called Ram Air Clear View System is used by this company where they utilize forced air to clean the duct work. With this system, the owner can view what is being removed from their heating and cooling air ducts. Owners are generally surprised, to say the least, and amazed.

Air Duct Cleaning Baltimore will also detect harmful molds and eliminate the problem. This company will detect any asbestos within the environment and give recommendations. This company respects the owner’s property and protects any and all of the owner’s possessions while performing their duct cleaning. 

Air Duct Cleaning Baltimore will reseal and insulate all entrances to the outside that lets in the cold winter air. Not only will home and business occupants breathe easier they will see a big difference in their allergy problems.

Air Duct Cleaning Baltimore will first inspect your ducts and dryer vents, they will offer a free estimate of services. Air Duct Cleaning Baltimore considers this cleaning procedure one of the most important services they provide because it involves breathing in of harmful toxins. This company also provides other cleaning services that can prove to be just as harmful to the lungs and body if not done on a regular basis. These services include the following and are broken down into residential and commercial services.

When our company contracts for a carpet cleaning job for a client, we have three levels of service. One is the least expensive; the second moderate and third is the most expensive. With the third level of carpet cleaning we pre-vacuum the carpet thoroughly, and pre-treat spots, we clean all open areas move all furniture in order to do a good carpet cleaning where furniture pieces stood.

The carpet is cleaned from wall to wall including all carpet edges. All carpet is deodorized and fan dried and baseboards are cleaned. Most new carpets have cleaning warranties and our company uses the cleaning standards for all new carpets. This premium carpet cleaning services carry a 90-day warranty. The first and second level carries a 30-day warranty.

Residential Services include:
A premium carpet cleaning service, upholstery cleaning service, natural stone honing and polishing, oriental and area rug cleaning, tile and grout cleaning, stain removal caused by pet accidents, refurbishing and cleaning of wood flooring, leather cleaning, carpet repairing, and restoration from water damage.

Our commercial services include:
Floor and carpet cleaning, cleaning of tiled areas, spot free and healthy carpet and floor cleaning, and janitorial services.

Our company goes the whole nine yards to assure home and business owners that they are living and working in a healthy environment. No one will find a business such as ours who is so dedicated to fresh clean air and environments within the home and business.

When customers call us for a free quote we will explain the available cleaning packages we offer that will be tailored to fit your specific needs. Clients find that our prices are very competitive and are guaranteed. No matter what cleaning package a client chooses they will still realize the highest quality and dedication offered by our skilled professionals. We offer immense flexibility in our pricing and our clients seem to love this aspect. If a client does not see what fits their needs, we will customize our services to fit their budget without jeopardizing the quality of cleanliness.

No matter what service that our clients need from Air Duct Baltimore, they will always get top quality work done, by skilled licensed professionals who take pride in all aspects of their work.

Air Duct Cleaning Baltimore follows the guidelines as set in place by the NADCA and NAIMA associations. This company is, as prior mentioned licenses and certified to perform their jobs. The company is insured and only employs professional technicians who offer 24 hours a day seven days a week emergency service.

We want to gain your confidence and demonstrate that we only offer the healthiest services available.

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Our clients say

"The man was very professional, worked really hard to get out the most difficult spots, and finished the job quickly. I was amazed that he was able to get the dirt out of the most worn spots. The results look really good."
Carpet Cleaning by UniKlean
Marilyn Maze
"The carpets look great. I was afraid to sit on them prior to the cleaning. Tech took his time in explaining the process, and I made a decision based on the outcome that I wanted. They look much better."
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"Unikleen cleaned the carpets as we wanted. The service provider was prompt and courteous. Everything was done in a timely way, and he answered all questions we had. He was very professional and we would definitely use the service again."
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Pamela J Weiner
"He arrived right on time and got to work immediately. We had not contracted him to do the sectional but asked him if he had time. He was so kind to go to work on it immediately and it was a bigger job than expected. Even so he did the job professionally and with a great attit…"
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