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Mattress Cleaning, Baltimore MD

Do you know what the most over looked cleaning need is in homes today?  The answer is your mattress. How often do you clean your mattress? Baltimore Mattress Cleaning stresses the importance of having your mattress professionally cleaned on a regular basis. Customers often report they forget about cleaning their mattress. Mattresses can add to indoor air pollutants; indoor air pollutants aggravate allergies and cause some allergies. There is more and more research addressing that better air quality improves health. Indoor air pollutants are ranked in the top five causes of contributing to poor indoor air quality, according to the Environmental Protection Agency. We all want the cleanest and healthiest homes possible. Baltimore Mattress Cleaners can help make the desire of improved indoor air quality a reality for your home. One of the ways Baltimore Mattress Cleaning Services help can make clean air a reality for your home is cleaning your mattress.

Why professionally clean my mattress?

Why clean my mattress is a very common question. Often, we do not realize the amount of time we may spend in our beds or how little uninvited guests find their way to our mattresses and sleep with us each night. Research states we spend one-third of our time in bed. Our mattresses are the number one collector of dust mites. These little creatures, invisible to the human eye, invade our beds and pollute the air we breathe. They feed on dead skin cells. The average person sheds about two pounds of dead skin cells per year. Yuk! This could feed an entire army of dust mites. The mites, themselves, are not the problem, but their fecal matter is. Their excretion matter is very light weight and becomes airborne. Once it is airborne we inhale the pollution into our lungs. These little creatures are a major cause of allergies. If they are not the cause of the allergy, they certainly can aggravate an allergy. Fecal matter can become airborne just by fluffing your pillow while getting ready to sleep. The normal tossing and turning at night can make the matter to become airborne. The protective mucous lining of the eyes, nose, lungs, and skin can be broken down by the protein in the fecal matter; thus, you develop an allergy. There can be as many as 30,000 dust mites in one ounce of dust. Mattress Cleaning Baltimore MD will resolve this problem in your home.

Unclean mattresses add to poor indoor air quality. Poor air quality is a bigger trigger for respiratory problems then we often realize. Poor indoor air quality causes over 40 million Americans to suffer from various respiratory problems. Airborne pollutants are one hundred to five hundred percent higher indoors than outdoors according to the Environmental Protection Agency. These pollutants are trapped in your home and can multiply. Mattress Cleaning Baltimore MD will improve the air quality of your home and remove the air pollutants.

There are also the microscopic contaminants such as scabies, lice, silverfish and bed bugs that can invade our personal sleeping space. These uninvited guests can invade even the cleanest sleeping area. It is a myth that only dirty homes or businesses have these uninvited guests. Mold, mildew, pollen spores and fungi are also indoor allergens that can make their way to our mattresses. All of these uninvited sleepover guests must be removed. Call Mattress Cleaners Baltimore MD professionals to get the job done correctly. This certainly is not a job that we want just to assume is done correctly. Call the best mattress cleaners, Baltimore Mattress Cleaners to ensure a quality professional job.

Our technicians are certified by Bane-Clene, offers the best education in the industry. Mattress Cleaners Baltimore MD will settle for nothing less than the best quality of education for and performance from our technicians. Baltimore Mattress Cleaners use a low moisture extraction cleaning method. All pollutants are removed from your home. We strive to be the best Baltimore Mattress Cleaning service and we would like the opportunity to prove this to you. You will not be disappointed and we guarantee satisfaction. We offer only professional services and our technicians will be happy to make recommendations and give instructions regarding how is the best way to regularly clean your mattress between professional cleanings. Mattress Cleaners Baltimore MD technicians will recommend plant-based treatment products to be used between the commercial cleaning visits, rather than pesticides, perfumes, and such that can only aggravate allergies and disrupt your sleep.

Mattress Cleaning Baltimore MD is the only cleaning service that our customers call when they have cleaning needs. We want to gain your confidence and demonstrate that we only offer the healthiest services available.

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I wanted to get back to you on the India ink stain. You did a good job on the carpet that we have entered into a contract on the house and the carpet is not an issue. Thank you very much for your help and expertise.
Best Regards Mark J.

TThe Company arrived on time, even called the day before and the day of before coming to my home. Moved any and all furniture that needed to be moved, so that the job of cleaning the carpet would be done efficiently. Once the job was completed put all furniture back. Before the carpet was dry, i could see a big difference in the work in regards to their cleaning, after it was dried, i was truly reminded of what the carpet looked like when we had it put down initially. Great Job!
Michael H.br >
Thanks for a job well done! Annette Kennedy