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    Tile Cleaning Baltimore MD!

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Our Premium Carpet Cleaning Process

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Do you need your carpet cleaned either at home or at the office?

You are in luck, some of the best carpet cleaners in the industry are in your area, UniKlean Carpet Cleaning Baltimore MD. Our certified technicians are trained in all methods of carpet cleaning for all types of carpets. All our technicians are sent to specialized schools to learn professional cleaning methods and techniques. We can clean some of the most unusual soiling conditions. UniKlean Carpet Cleaning in Baltimore MD can handle whatever the situation needs; we have cleaned soiled areas other carpet cleaners were not sure how to clean. We offer advanced cleaning methods and we do not use products that leave the dreaded residue and sticky solution behind. UniKlean Baltimore Carpet Cleaning are recommended by home owners, realtors, and flooring retailers. Our reputation is our business and we are proud of our services.

UniKlean Carpet Cleaning in Baltimore, MD technicians are Bane-Clene certified.
What does Bane-Clene certified mean?
It means we have taken the time to assure we have only the best trained technicians in your home. Your home is your castle and our company will treat it with the tender loving care you desire. Bane-Clene is the most recognized organization for certifying carpet and upholstery cleaners. Baltimore Carpet Cleaning will deliver our customers nothing but the best service and use the most trustworthy cleaning egents on your carpets. We are here to provide you with the best service; and a service you can be glad you called.

Baltimore carpet cleaning  utilize a 12-step cleaning process that gives you far above just the “industry standards”. We do not want to just meet industry standards; we want to make our cleaning experience the most outstanding job you have experienced. Below are a breakdown of our 12 steps and a brief explanation of what occurs at each step. The following preview allows you to know exactly what we will be doing in your home throughout the entire process.

Carpet Cleaning Baltimore MD

Baltimore Carpet Cleaning

Carpet Cleaning Baltimore MD is provided with a “truck-mounted hot water extraction” method. This cleaning method when done properly with trained technicians cleans more thoroughly than any other method. We most often recommend a thorough cleaning at least once per year. Waiting extended periods of time to clean your carpet is not helpful, contrary to popular rumors. The more traffic an area receives the more often it will need to be cleaned. The carpet fibers are damaged if soil build-up and heavy trafficked areas are not cleaned often. The combination of the two create abrasions that can break down the carpet fibers and then a worn look is left.

What can you do with pet stains is always a big question?
We are very successfully at treating pet stains and odors that are carpet deep. Unfortunately, if you have a situation where the pet mishaps have soiled the carpet pad and sub-flooring, more repairs may need to be made. Most soiling is only carpet deep and we are here to remedy those problems for you.

Carpet Cleaning Baltimore, MD guarantees our work. If you are not 100% satisfied then we will re-clean to your satisfaction. We are insured and listed with the Better Business Bureau as well as with other industry organizations. This adherence to quality service is one of the main reasons we are so highly recommended by floor experts.

Our mission is to provide you with the most outstanding Baltimore carpet cleaning experience you have ever had.
Carpet Cleaning Baltimore MD are the best at what we do and we want you to believe the same. When you think of carpet cleaning Baltimore MD, we want to be the company that comes to your mind – UniKlean.

“Call ‘US’ on the Carpet”® At 410-709-3776

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What People in Baltimore are Saying About us...
I wanted to get back to you on the India ink stain. You did a good job on the carpet that we have entered into a contract on the house and the carpet is not an issue. Thank you very much for your help and expertise.
Best Regards Mark J.

The Company arrived on time, even called the day before and the day of before coming to my home. Moved any and all furniture that needed to be moved, so that the job of cleaning the carpet would be done efficiently. Once the job was completed put all furniture back. Before the carpet was dry, i could see a big difference in the work in regards to their cleaning, after it was dried, i was truly reminded of what the carpet looked like when we had it put down initially. Great Job!
Michael H.

Thanks for a job well done! Annette Kennedy